But we're happy to report that two more locals have joined the Bravo family of reality TV fare in this season of "Shear Genius." Let's meet them, shall we?

First up was Paulo, 37, from San Jose. He admits to once having a big crush on host Jacyln Smith, despite (because of?) being a gay man.

The first challenge was to cut hair while blindfolded. The clients were wearing safety glasses, but every other aspect of their heads was fair game for gushing wounds. Luckily the only things left bloody were a few of the stylists' fingers. Paulo ended up near the top, while the other local Nekisa was second from the bottom. Nekisa didn't really get an introduction, but she's 29, and from Concord. The very bottom went to Oshun, who's response was, seriously, "The best always finish last."