KRON 4's two bestest fag-hags (Catherine Heenan, Jan Wahl) and Donna Sachet inexplicably managed to do a decent job covering this year's LGBT Pride Parade. (Bonus points go to field reporter Henry Tenenbaum who didn't know how to pronounce Kamala Harris' name, must to her disgust.) But, of course, their coverage focused on blindly happy, newly married queer couples and their doomed -- doomed, we say! -- children. Gross.

But! Here are the totally NSFW shots of Sunday's LGBT Pride party that they don't want you to see! Enjoy.

(Very special thank-yous go out to Flickr users 3dollarbilly, 37 °C, ronalisa, Steve Rhodes, and Jameth for snatching up some of the bravest and dirtiest images we've seen sop far of this year's massive Pride fete. Be sure to check out their Flickr pages for more choice imagery.)