While only nine cities in the Bay Area allowed to sell "safe and sane" fireworks (i.e., sparklers, fountains, snakes, and flowers [psst, you can totally turn the latter into a mini bottle rocket by drilling a small hole in the end of the cylinder]), one of those cities, Watsonville, might curb their fiery Fourth of July fun. According to the Merc, a ban on the sale of fireworks in Watsonville might take place since the area has, well, pretty much been on ablaze for the last month or so.

While the sale of these gentler fireworks are "a huge moneymaker for the non-profits that run the booths," it seems reasonable that they should be defused during this unusually dry year. So far, Scott's Valley has canceled their annual Independence Day fireworks show, and Pacifica "will levy harsher penalties for users of illegal fireworks and impose an 11 p.m. curfew on all pyrotechnic displays."

But have no fear, residents of San Francisco. The best place -- nay , the ONLY place -- to check out fireworks in the city will be in the Mission District come nightfall on 7/4. If you have a friend, neighbor, ex, or colleague with rooftop access in the Mission, demand that they throw a Fourth of July party. The view of everyone shooting off a bevy of illegal fireworks on every block of the Mission is nothing short of spectacular.

You know of a better place? Let us know.