We heard word that Muni was a buit sluggish this morning, but we had no idea why. That is, until we received this in our inbox.

So I'm waiting at the Castro MUNI station this morning about 10am. And I'm waiting. And Waiting. Finally one of the someone comes down and tells us that someone has driven into the tunnel at West Portal and all inbound and outbound trains are stopped. Un-freaking-believeable!

SF Weekly confirms this as well. The accident caused our fine public transit system to "halt in service in both directions."

Also: heh. Why? Because, it seems, this isn't the first time someone has idiotically tried to drive through the West Portal tunnel. What a coincidence: just last April, a sloshed guy also tried crusing down the tunnel. Who made it "further into the tunnel than anyone that [Muni operatives] can remember." Why is this tunnel so tempting?

Update: According to 511, "service restored between Castro & West Portal," but "metro subway service has been restored between Castro and West Portal stations. There may be residual delays."