Noted San Francisco Assemblyman Mark Leno won the Democratic primary in the state Senate throne, taking it away from incumbent Carole Migden. With 81% of the precincts reporting, according to the Chronicle, Leno culled in an astounding 43% of the vote. (Whoa!) Nation and Migden took in in a dismal 29% and 28%, respectively.

And his victory party? Was at lounge, restaurant, and totally NOT a coke bar Lime over on Market Street. The place, it seems, was littered with gays (e.g., Tom Ammiano and Bevan Dufty) shouting "Leno, Leno, Leno" as he entered the room.

Oh, he also threw some shade at PG&E last night. "'All gay men should be outraged with PG&E tonight,'" he told the crowd.

That said, we will miss the cruelty of what was a nasty race between Leno and Migden. If you recall, Leno filed a complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission, charging Migden with being all ADHD with her bookkeeping; saw a delightful night out at the Harvey Milk Democratic Club almost turn into an evening of fisticuffs; and briefly saw local alt weekly SFBG and Supervisor Chris Daly become frenemies.