Carlos Sousa Jr.'s autopsy report has just been released to the public. According to ABC 7's Dan Noyes, the San Francisco Medical Examiner’s Office's report details the massive (and pretty graphic) injures Sousa suffered from Tatiana the tiger on Christmas Day 2007 at the San Francisco Zoo after a tiger escaped from her grotto.

The report confirms the cause of death: “Blunt force injuries of the head and neck (predatory cat bite(s)).” The evidence of the mauling is devastating – Sousa suffered many punctures and scratches to his head, neck and chest. The tiger fractured his skull and spine, and cut his jugular vein.

Sousa's blood also tested positive for both booze and marijuana. But you knew that already. Also, the report also goes into detail about how Tatiana's body is being kept: in baggies inside of a freezer for research. It seems she met her maker after a bullet entered her through the forehead. Alas.

Image: Matt Knoth/Flickr (Wikicommons)