Oh man. Like... wow. This is entertaining, exciting stuff.

Let's back up a bit: It all started last Friday after a not-so-innocent yet fraudulent slate card endorsing Migden boasting the SFBG logo (something SFist knows a little something about) showed up on doorknobs across the city. Of course, SFBG Editor Tim Redmond had to issue a WTF-we-didn't-do-this -shit post.

Also, and get this, Chris Daly was behind said slate card. Redmond says:

I called Sup. Chris Daly, who was behind the card, tonight and told him how unhappy I was, and he said he didn't care. "I'm unhappy, too," he said. "You endorsed Mark Leno, who is not a progressive."

Okay, we can argue that forever, but it's not the point. It's not cool to use the Guardian logo and (I hope) good name and reputation to confuse the voters.

But then in the comments is where it gets good. Real good.