(By Joe Kukura)

Imagine our surprise when we finally stopped partying woke up this morning to find ourselves quoted by the legendary Matier & Ross in The Chronicle! And – surprise! – we were made to sound completely irresponsible. In the finger-pointing aftermath of Sunday’s evidently-more-rowdy-than-usual Bay to Breakers, M&R assess the situation and identify the perpetrator:

The race's party rep has been building for some time. This year, a local news and entertainment Web site, SFist, even posted a map of liquor stores along the route to help participants through stretches "painfully lacking in places to buy additional smokes and booze for your continued 'running.' "

Whoa. Those guys get reporting from this site? And they still have their jobs?!?

In our defense, our map did note the presence of additional trash bins in Golden Gate Park. The offensive post can still be found here.

Image credit: getinet/Flickr