Anonymous' protests just get more and more exciting. So much so that SFist will start every Monday morning with a weekend protest review. Mind-numbingly brilliant title TK.

Anyway, according to the lads trying to bring down the Church of Scientology with funny masks and regular weekend demonstrations typically held near the church's Montgomery Street branch, one very loud female was assaulted by a CoS member. Or so we're told. A tipster says:

During a protest Saturday night at the Hotel 480 around 10PM, an anonymous protester is grabbed by by the throat and shoved down sloped street towards heavy traffic. by a Scientologist. The protestor breaks away, and someone steps in to protect her. Cops intervene quickly. The same Scientologist later accuses the same anonymous protester of assault despite 5 eye witness accounts and video tape of it. Protester was minor and female.

The footage doesn't show the assault, only the harrowing moments after. An added bonus: Near the end of the video, the cinematographer of this video confronts a CoS member (?) and mentions that his wife was raped by a Xenu admirer. And the church, he says, covered it up. Oh my! Very exciting.