Honestly, we don't know if we really want to live in a San Francisco without pink plastic bags. While they still live on, today they moved closer to obsolescence. Today plastic bags were outlawed in chain drug stores and pharmacies. Nice. (Although we buy some embarrassing items at Walgreens now and then, so it's a bittersweet victory.)

San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi's plan to eradicate the landfill-clogging carry-alls--which began with their removal from San Francisco grocery stores--has now trickled down to smaller stores. Rite-Aid, according to CBS 5, has jumped on-board the plastic banwagon (eh? eh?) by removing all of their plastic bags in exchange for paper ones. Others are soon to follow.

Mirkarimi goes on to say that "it takes nearly 700 years for these bags to break down in our landfills, and an estimated 180 million of them were used in the city annually before the law went into effect."