Curbed is on it. As is a WhatImSeeing field corespondent. And even a few SFist tipsters have word on it. What is it, exactly? Well, it seems the Giants home, AT&T Park, was all ablaze last night! Allegedly.

A readers asks: "Did NO ONE get a photo of the fire in the upper deck of AT&T Park? With that many emergency vehicles surely someone with a camera was present!" While another tells us that "pac bell park is on fire. upper deck. you heard it here first (WIS)." While we didn't see any plumes of smokes coming from AT&T over at SFist's SOMA headquarters, a Curbed reader reports that there was "tons of smoke billowing out of stadium ." Yikes!

Also, anyone mange to get a shot of the rumored inferno? No major news networks or papers (so far) have mentioned last night's fire. What are they trying to hide from us!?!