By Joe Kukura

Our Bay to Breakers coverage – which kicked off this morning in a post so drunk and confused it had to be deleted – continues without shame as we direct you to this handy Bay to Breakers Liquor Store Locator. Many of you know how long sections of this race course are painfully lacking in places to buy additional smokes and booze for your continued "running." But with knowledge of a few specific escape valves in Golden Gate Park, you can dash into civilization at the right spots and return smack dab into the mayhem with a solid inventory.

The map is provided in full-size and analyzed in street-level detail at the invaluable Exercising While Intoxicated blog. (Full Disclosure: um, we wrote it.) The overall situation with liquor stores on the race course is summed up as such:

Both the starting and finishing stretches of the Bay to Breakers race course are badly barren of liquor stores, with a healthy abundant patch in the middle. The course's first liquor store open on a Sunday morning doesn't materialize until past the 1.5 mile marker, Go Go Market at the Ninth Street turn. Shocking, huh? They've been open since 6. From there on it's solid coverage through Hayes Valley, up Hayes Hill, and Western Addition. Special attention should be paid to jumping off course in the middle of the Panhandle to visit Lucky Supermarket at Fulton & Masonic. You'll get supermarket discounts on beer and hard liquor, and this is your last chance to get liquor until painfully-way-more-off-course options up at 11th and 19th Avenues far along into Golden Gate Park.