Software engineer Kip Macy, 33, and real estate agent Nicole Macy, 32, were arrested the other day for "waging a war of terror"on their tenants occupying their six-unit, three-story SOMA house. It seems that the Macys bought the place a few years back and have since been trying to have the old tenants evicted.

But instead of going through a lengthy legal process to get them out, the Macys cut support beams, had electricity shutoff, pulled phone lines, had workers saw a hole in the living room floor of one tenant, "stole $2,000 in cash, a Gucci watch and a cell phone," dismantled renters' furniture, poured ammonia over tenants' possessions, and, finally, physically assaulted one of them.

As one Curbed commenter points out, "[u]mm, where's the other party's side of the story? This is awfully one-sided...[t]here is no absolute frame of reference; everything is subjective." So please, for the sake of fair and balanced Journalism, advise us as to when it's OK to assault your tenants, SFist readers.

Neither Nicole Macy nor Kip Macy ("well-known in FreeBSD circles") live in San Francisco. Oh yeah, and they were charged with felony stalking, felony residential burglary, conspiracy, and much, much more. Both of the mad-as-hell landlords posted bail on Tuesday.