An unidentified man killed himself this morning after running his car into parked cars at 80 mph at Yolo and the Alameda. Just before the fatal wreck, it seems, he was sitting in his car in North Berkeley and in the process of taking his own life, via a tube coming out of the car's exhaust pipe. A homeless man noticed what was going on, removed the tube. The homeless gent then flagged down a Sargent Patty Delaluna at Bancroft Way and Fulton Street for help. According to the Gate:

The homeless man told the sergeant that he saw a Subaru parked at the corner with a man sitting inside. There was a tube coming out of the car's exhaust pipe, which the homeless man removed, Kusmiss said.

When Delaluna approached the Subaru, it was "cloudy inside," Kusmiss said. The sergeant tried to talk to the man, but he refused to communicate. Delaluna tried to smash the window to let air inside, but the man took off in his car, Kusmiss said.

The guy in the Subaru then took off, sending the Kusmiss on a brief police chase before the Subaru "went airborne" and landed on a parked pickup truck, killing the driver. No one (else) was was injured.