Speaking of backlash, the Mayhill Fowler assault is percolating at a gentle boil. You paranoid wheels-within-wheels political fans out there will be happy to know that, apparently, stellar journalist and master of the MP3 recorder Mayhill Fowler is totally ">out to get Obama. How so? Well, because she's wealthy, her husband's lawfirm knows a guy who knows someone who met someone who likes McCain, and she's the devil reincarnated. Or something like that.

Don't believe us? Check out the latest tidbit from our anonymous tip section:

Re: Mayhill Fowler.

The event in Marin (sic) was hosted by a client of her wealthy attorney husband's lawfirm The husband is a declared McCain supporter. It is no stretch to imagine the usual RNC regulars are manipulating once again the democratic party. They contribute under Fowler's name to Obama, she "claims" she is unlike her husband and ardent supporter and then has been blasting Obama from Under the Bus. How long will the Dems allow the RNC to do this after the last two elections. Wake up!

Incidentally, many of us from Oakland's Head Royce School know Mayhill as an elitist, selfish, sef- aggrandiser (sic). She never changed.

Elitist, selfish, and self-aggrandizing? Sounds like the perfect best friend to us.