The brand spanking new eastbound section of Highway 80 (i.e.., the new Bay Bridge expansion) will open tomorrow morning, but the ribbon cutting ceremony will happen today at 10:30 a.m. just under the overpass "between Second and Third streets" on Stillman And best of all? Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will attend the event. Celebrity action, folks.

Luckily, SFist HQ will be right above the scene, taking pictures and stealing the alleged barbecue chicken and potato salad that will reportedly litter the event. Any and all should show up for the party.

The new stretch of highway, which has been under construction for over two years, will "allow motorists a straight drive onto the bridge," said bridge officials said. (You kind of have to curve, as it were, onto the bride right now.) The "West Approach Project" is scheduled to be done in January 2009.