Show is over, everyone. The torch is on its way to South America now. To check out images of today's flame switcheroo acrion--including "No MSG" man and more--go here. Whew.

brochtrup: "no ceremonies. at all. pft." (3:52)

njudah: "flight of the valkryies: the helis covering the torch are swarming my house!" (3:50)

brochtrup: "'torch relay over;' presidio park area to hold closing ceremonies now. what?" (3:30)

brochtrup: "coming out of a federal police radio on market street: 'be advised, there could be a backlash once word gets out [that the ceremonies are now canceled.]'" (3:28)

ronjon: "Embarcadero shut down by protesters." (3:20)

brochtrup: "closing ceremony has been canceled at the waterfront. will be held in undisclosed location." (3:19)