In light of today's Golden Gate Bridge scaling/protest incident, Mayor Gavin Newsom--according to Brittney Gilbert at CBS 5's Eye On Blogs--"announced the route of the Olympic torch has been changed from the published course to a new route whose details will not be made public."

Will the course be secret up until Wednesday's run? Can we watch it? Will it be inside a gymnasium? On the beach? Virtual? ...more info on the route change as it comes in.

Update: a sun-kissed Mayor Gavin Newsom, kicking it at the Giants opener today, tells KPIX that "[t]he bottom line is we've said from Day One, we will continue to adapt. This route is not fixed. It will continue to change. It will change up until that torch is passed--potentially through even the middle of the relay." Any guesses as to where it might go? Market Street? 16th Ave. or St.? Lapu Lapu? Your guess is as good as ours.