Currently three protesters are climbing the cables of the Golden Gate Bridge, attempting to hang up a sign on the bridge in protest over the Olympic torch run through San Francisco, which is scheduled to make its only U.S. run in San Francisco on Wednesday. Check out KPIX's live cam for what's going down right now. Yikes--be careful, protesters!

Update (1:38 p.m.) : The protesters scurried down the cables, were promptly arrested by CHP officers. Local media outlets have inundated our inbox with link requests, so: you got 'em. For interviews with the protesters, check out NBC 11 and KPIX.

Update (1 p.m.): Two military fighter jets (gray jets, not of the Blue Angel variety) just flew over the city, seen from outside SFist HQ. Practice for Wednesday's torch run? To "protect and serve"? Or...? (Jets arrived for the Giants opener, reports a commenter. [Please forgive our alarmism!] Thought only the Blue Angels did that? Strange.)

Update (12:34 p.m.): Our sister site, Shanghaiist, is live-blogging the Olympic torch protests happening right now in Paris, France.