That's why we're none too pleased that the going-on-for-as-long-as-Translink project to do something about Masonic has been delayed by the demagogue-driven lawsuit against the San Francisco bike plan. See, the plan to do something about Masonic would:

Add a left turn lane on Fell Street approaching the intersection with Masonic. Vehicles would be allowed to turn left only on a green left-turn signal. During the left-turn phase, pedestrians and cyclists would see a "Don't Walk" signal. The project would require the removal of up to four parking spaces on Fell Street.

But since the word "bike" is in what the city wants to do, they have to go to a judge to get a special court order in order to put in a left-hand turn signal. We're not going to get into the politics of this, but here's hoping that the judge does the commonsense thing and lets 'em put in the damned signal. It'll make our Panhandle mornings that much less dangerous.

Pic from flickr user sfbike used under a Creative Commons license