Tibetan activists and the San Francisco Darfur Coalition (who, by the way, are trying to turn the holy day of "Casual Friday" into "Darfur Friday") are demanding to know exactly where the torch will be going during its San Francisco run so they can protest that they can protest the China's ongoing human rights violations. Grrr.

While other media outlets, including SFist, have already claimed that the torch will make its way near AT&T Park and the Ferry Building, Mayor Gavin Newsom "says keeping the route under wraps is intended to make it more difficult for people to plan disruptions."

Also, as the Beijing Olympics draws closer, the list of potential boycotting countries grow larger. France, masters in the art of boycotting almost anything, might eschew the games if any coverage is censored. Tampon fetishist and future King of England, Prince Charles, will also skip attending any Olympic events due to the controversy.

We'll continue to update you with the growing list of notables and countries who refuse the Beijing Olympics.