The battle to keep the Olympic torch from hitting the streets of San Francisco is looking grim. Yesterday outside City Hall, around 40 people rallying for a free Tibet/damning the Olympic flame were allegedly "snubbed" by Mayor Gavin Newsom. Ouch. According to KCBS:

Nearly three dozen protestors stood outside City Hall Monday, hoping to enlist the mayor's support in pressuring Beijing to stop the military crackdown on dissidents in Tibet. But Newsom entered the building without stopping to meet with them.

"He just walked right past us and he just ignored us completely," said one protester.

Eh. The mayor probably must walk past a protest per week getting into City Hall. All things considered, they shouldn't take it too personally.

KCBS goes on to lavish praise on the Gav, saying "he is as concerned about human rights violations in Tibet as anyone...but has never scheduled a sit down in the middle of a protest when he has a city to run."

Well then.