Yesterday, it seems, was L. Ron Hubbard's birthday. Hubbard, as most of you know, is the author of the wildly successful Dianetics and founder of the Church of Scientology, a religion in which you achieve higher faith by giving them progressively higher dollar amounts. He would have turned 97 today. Born in Tilden, Nebraska, Hubbard served in World War I, attended George Washington University, was a member of the Explorers Club, and at some point came to the conclusion that purple alien unicorns ruled the Earth many moons ago. Or something like that.

It should come as little surprise that Hubbard was born under a Pisces sun.

Tomorrow, Saturday, there will be another anti-Scientology rally at the Church of Scientology headquarters in San Francisco. The same group responsible for last month's Scientology protest, Anonymous, will serve as hosts to this rally, which is aggressively titled "Operation Party Hard." The festivities commence at 11 a.m. tomorrow at the Church of L. Ron on Montgomery Street.