In addition to being a tacky eyesore, deterioration of our urban roads cost your average joe driver around $400 annually. Road pavement weakening is due to a combination of traffic weight, moisture, and climate. Among the worst roads in the U.S. are San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose -- with San Francisco stealing the number-two slot, just behind Los Angeles -- according to findings in an Urban Roads Report news release (.pdf alert!) National Transportation Research Group's William M. Wilkins had this to say about our nasty roads:

With state and federal transportation funding falling short, the cost of materials and repairs rising and traffic volumes increasing, transportation agencies will face a significant challenge in improving urban pavement conditions...[t]he nation needs to develop a new long-term vision for its highway system that would include improving conditions and safety and reducing traffic congestion.

Although the average price a driver must pay annually for crappy,unmaintained roads is around $400, a San Franciscan bill averages around $761. And before you dear bicycle-riding readers chime in with your green righteousness and abilities to turn water into wine, smoother and safer roads affect you as well. (Look at that, something cyclists and drivers can agree on. Hallelujah!)

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