Here's what we've missed in the world of Bay Area sports while trying to figure out who the Oceanic 6 are...

-And now.the Rai-duhs. First they signed oft-injured and oft-whining Javon Walker to a ridiculous contract for around $11 mil a year, one that makes him better paid than many other and much better WRs . The deal was so crazy, it has people wondering if it is the worst deal ever. Also of interest is that after they signed him, the picture put on the Raiders web site about the signing had a picture of Walker grinning with new WR coach James Lofton with head coach Lance Kiffin nowhere to be seen. Isn't it about time somebody call the police to try and find out where he went? Then there's the rumors that the Raiders Chosen One, JaMarcus Russell is apparently eating himself out of a job as he is currently over 300 pounds, something for which team officials are denying.

-Let's see, Zito got shelled again, Lowry is out, the Giants have no shortstop right now, and their designated 1B ain't hittin’ Is 100 losses possible? We couldn't help notice too that the Giants slogan this year is "All Out" which is kind of ironic considering the probable offense they will run out there. And as Leah Garchik pointed out, "All Out" means a whole other thing here in EssEff.

-The Warriors keep winning and winning but still find themselves on the bubble as they are in eighth place in the ridiculously tight Western Conference, two games ahead of the Nuggets. This currently has them playing the Lakers in the playoffs but with Andrew Bynum out, the Lakers could be had (could be) but how many times can an eighth seed beat a #1 seed?