It looks like Mayor Gavin Newsom will take a stab at running for Governor of California in 2010. In addition to the gaggle of Democratic hopefuls looking to succeed Gov. Schwarzenegger after his reign comes to an end -- which include former governor Jerry Brown, former state controller Steve Westley, and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, just to name a few -- San Francisco's very own mayor wants the title as well.

And seeing as how any serious contender "would need to raise anywhere from $30 to $40 million to mount a serious campaign," our wealthy mayor has a pretty good shot. According to CBS 5, Newsom "has been meeting privately with Democratic campaign strategists" about making the move from SF to Sacramento. CBS 5 goes on to say that "it's premature to talk about it in the open...we'll see what happens in the next few months."