Wallpaper has brought back the 90's and in the best possible way. We imagined the crowd to be in a head-bopping frenzy but, in the short thirty minute set, Rickshaw Stop became a full-fledged 90's dance party. He's infused his own style into the dead revived musical art-form: New Jack Swing and it's the shit. He even did a cover of Bell Biv Divoe's "Poison". It was 90's heaven. We were on the balcony looking over the crowd and we can guarantee that every person (ages 8-60) was having a total blast.

His set-up includes, "...some ghetto jerry shit. We use an iPod video and run it into the house system, playing our videos off the thing. That's it." (It's really just one more reason why we absolutely loved the show!) It was so refreshing. He sang all of his songs off his upcoming EP which included my favorites, "Evrytm We Do It" and "Txt Me Yr Love". He wants the Bay Area to know that "...I'm down with how ill your sneakers are. Everyone here has ill sneakers. Also I want her not to worry, I'm not leavin. I'mone raise a family here." There you have it; he's not leaving. He's all ours!

He's performing at Bottom of the Hill on Sunday, March 9th. Don't miss this show; you'll regret it.

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Photo taken by author