Due to budget problems, the Muni Powers That Be have decided on a possible solution, that being raising the Muni Fast Pass from $45 to $60 bucks. Suck on it, Muni riders.

Muni's budget defecit is projected to be around $66 million bucks by 2010 and raising Fast Pass fares could generate about $12 to $15 million a year. The idea was proposed by a top-notch panel that Gavin commissioned to help fix the unfixable that is our public transportation system.

Knowing that this would be make any garden variety potato Vampire Weekend hot, Gavin and everyone else is hemming and hawing about whether or not this will happen. The whole trial balloon thing, especially as they previously said nyet to increases earlier. Apparently, the Fast Pass is a pretty good deal compared to other local areas and in a contorted piece of logic that totally baffles us, would actually be fairer to the poor. So we got that going for us, which is nice.

Budget cuts appear to be the new budget increases as besides the education cuts in Vallejo, SF has announced ginsu-like precision cuts to other budget items such as healthcare, and wheel chair access to City Hall’s legislative chamber. Suck on that Michela.