A 245-pound Sumatra tiger in Hawaii was found wandering the grounds of the Honolulu Zoo on Thursday morning. it seems she "wandered out of her cage" during closing hours. According to AP (via the Merc):

A startled female volunteer reported the escape after the tiger brushed past her. The volunteer quickly retreated and secured a second gate that kept the tiger from going into a public area. It took zoo workers several minutes to coax Berani back into his cage.

Well, that was rather pleasant. Maybe this is what happens when non-taunted tigers escape their enclosures: they walk around quietly waiting for the concession stands to open? Just asking.

Anyway, the zoo managed to sidestep any SF Zoo-like melee. If you recall, on Christmas day last year, Tatitana the tiger escaped from her grotto, chaos ensued.

Also, the tigers at the Honolulu Zoo are kept in cages? Huh.