According to the fine folks over at The Sword (NSFW), the GayVNs (NSFW) will be held here on Saturday -- you know, those homosexual pornography achievement awards, which led to Mayor Gavin Newsom getting all Berkeley City Council on us after he declared Feb. 23 to be Colt Studio Day last year? -- coinciding with that hairy-large-gay-appreciation festival thing happening.

Anyway, last year the GayVNs had comedienne and social critic Kathy Griffin hosting the show. From what we heard she was a phenomenal success. But this year the AVN/GayVN committee refused to pay her performance fee, deciding to go in a cheaper direction with their emcee: that blond drag queen Lady Bunny. Allegedly unthrilled with the snub by the GayVNs sponsors, Griffin scheduled a show at the Castro Theatre this Saturday night for the bears, the same night as the awards show. Our sources tell us:

...essentially the main sponsors of the awards, AVN/GayVN, decided not to spring for the Castro Theater and not to pay Kathy Griffin’s high appearance fee this year, opting instead for the Gift Center and a couple of F-list satellite radio stars (and Lady Bunny). So then Kathy, miffed, and knowing she has an audience here, decided to mount a competing show at the Castro the same night.

Silly gays.

Anyway, is it true? Who cares. Where's our after-party invite? And remember to be on watch this weekend for Griffin, hairy men, GayVN attendees/Ryan Seacrest apologists, and scores of twinks sporting pupils dilated to the size of dinner plates.