As many of you know, Bernie Ward, former Catholic priest and KGO 810 AM host, was fired from his job after the Feds hit him with charges of child pornography. Although he used the Pete Townsend defense that he was merely doing a little kiddie porn research, that doesn't seem to be the case.

Dan Noyes, who takes on the difficult task of having to do an investigatory report on a former colleague, says that the initial complaint against Ward was filed by a woman in Oakdale, who chatted with him online using the screen name “Sexfairy.” During her online chat with Ward, she claims to have received an "e-mail message and pornographic material involving juveniles" from the former talk show host. ABC 7 reports:

It's Christmas week, three years ago. Ward's on his home computer using the screen name "Vincentlio." He begins the chat with "Good afternoon, mistress." The woman using the name "Sexfairy" answers, "How was your day, slave?" In explicit detail, Ward describes being humiliated sexually. At one point, he asks, "Are you going to make me feel dirty, mistress?" "Sexfairy" answers, "Yes, I am."