The Palme d'Or-robbed gem landed a confused and sick Milpitas' Russell Middle School teacher in the fiery hot waters of bureaucratic hell after he recently screened this anti-abortion film in his chemistry class. According to CBS 5:

The film was shown on January 23, after students in all five of Randy Yang's chemistry classes finished taking a test. The first year teacher reportedly asked his students if they wanted to watch a film about the water cycle, or on abortion. All five classes chose the abortion video.

Charming. What this pro-life documentary, which shows a fetus allegedly screaming ever so quietly as it's being terminated, has to do with the fusion of baking soda and vinegar is beyond us. Anyway, this trumps our middle school social studies teacher who screened Helter Skelter during a shattering third period class many, many years ago.

The Silent Scream