Piff! Pow! Zwap!

On Valentine's Day at precisely 6 p.m. at Justin Herman Plaza, San Francisco will play host to its third annual public pillow fight. And they're looking for a few good men and women. The rules of the fight are as follows:

1) Tell everyone you know about Pillow Fight!

2) Tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW about Pillow Fight!!!

3) Nothing in your pillow but pillow.

4) Don’t hit anyone with out a pillow.

5) Don’t hit anyone operating a camera.

If you want to see what's in-store for you, Scott Beale has images and footage of last year's goose-feather brawl.

And being that this is San Francisco, no form of organized public entertainment comes for free. The Food Bank and Coalition on Homelessness will be collecting donations this year. You can provide them with pillows, blankets, clothing, and assorted non-perishable food items before you strip down to your panties, unfurl your hair, and start smacking the crap out of your fellow San Franciscans.