Last night, according to an SFist tipster:

A few blocks in the Marina around Cervantes and Beach were shut down to traffic and residents for about an hour and a half this afternoon. Helicopters, police, and bomb squad were all present. Anyone know what was going on??? I asked the cop who was blocking the street and he said "Whatever it is, it's bad." Gee, thanks.

Well, it turns out that all of the hullabaloo was due to an unidentified man "making threats and causing a disturbance" just outside the Egyptian Consulate in the Marina. Yikes! According to KCBS "[a] police officer found an agitated man standing outside the Egyptian Consulate in the Marina District and shouting general threats with a suitcase nearby." Although no explosives were found in the screaming gentleman's suitcase, he was placed under arrest.

SFist tried calling the Egyptian Consulate to find out more, but we keep getting a busy signal, a sound we haven't heard since probably the '90s.