And honk they did. Yesterday a worldwide Scientology protest took place by "Anonymous" (AKA Project Chanology, an Internet-based protest against the Church of Scientology), and we caught a few images of the action on our rickety, old cellular communication device. Had we had a better camera, we could've gotten images of the police surrounding the Scientology building entrance; the tour guide telling his gaggle of tourists that John Travolta was, in fact, inside the Montgomery Street building (he was not), and more. Alas.

Anyway, it was a most spirited and youthful protest, one that stuck close to its agenda without branching off into "Free Mumia"-like mini protests. We had a surprising amount of fun watching these kids protest the Church of Scientology.

Check out LAist's, Austinist's, DCist's, and Torontoist's coverage. For more images of San Francisco's protest, follow the jump.