Republican (it goes without saying) Assemblyman Guy Houston of San Ramon wants to slice off more than $3 million in state funding from Berkeley for their stance against Marine recruiting. He will introduce legislation to "withhold state transportation money until Berkeley rescinds its 'war on the U.S. Marine Corps.'"


In a move that will ideally hurt his political career -- since it's a waste of time, a symbolic prick move, and has little to zero chance of ever passing -- the flame-haired Houston's move parallels other Republican Congressmen. A few others on the right have also whined about financially destroying the city of Berkeley after the twee and annoying anti-war group Code Pink picketed downtown Marine recruitment center, prompting the city council to approve a measure that urged the Marine recruiters to leave their downtown office.

Next week, according to CBS 5, "Berkeley council members will consider rescinding the Marines' declaration to defuse the controversy." Way to stay strong.