The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, an orchestra near and dear to Bernstein's heart for over 40 years, will play a tribute to him this Saturday, 2/9, at the SF Conservatory of Music (8 p.m., 50 Oak Street), which will include SFCM alumni conductor and Bernstein proteg&eacute, Michael Barrett; Academy Award winning actress Rita Moreno (who played Anita in the filmed version of ); and Bernstein's own daughter, Jamie.

The orchestra will play excerpts of West Side Story, of course, but also Candide and On the Town. It's a fundraiser, so a bubbly reception will follow the show (ticket can be purchased here or at 800-422-3476).

We seized the opportunity to ask Jamie about the her iconic father's role in the music history; on having a gay father; and about today's new flavor in classical music, Gustavo Dudamel. We also touch on Barack Obama, Tom Wolfe, the correct spelling of local Oscar winning actresses; and FBI agents disguised as the Jewish Defense League.

Picture of Leonard and Jamie Bernstein lifted from here

West Side Story