60-year-old attorney William McGrane is fit to be tied. Why? Because of noted Ferry Building street percussionist John King's daily performances. It seems that his groovy beats, which stem from the many plastic buckets and pans and whatnot he uses as instruments, are flowing into the Ferry Building and disrupting the work flow of the hardworking lawyer, okay? (We always forget that people work on the other floors of the Ferry Building in offices. It's like realizing that people live above Forever 21 on Market Street. Freaks us out a tiny bit.) Now he's suing the city of San Francisco for $100,000, claiming the sounds hinder with his work.

Old man McGrane tells the Examiner that he has since dropped the complaint, which he filed in November, but according the the Ex:

McGrane declined an Examiner invitation to listen to King’s percussion from inside his office. The 60-year old lawyer told The Examiner he has "abandoned" his claim, but did not provide The Examiner with documents to show that the claim was no longer being pursued.

He also refused the Examiner's invitation to listen to King’s beats from inside his office. Hmm.

An aside:SFist works a scant six yards away from a under-construction overpass and the constant -- yes, constant -- ogling from sweaty blue-collar worker men with unusually large hands. And we have filed zero lawsuits against the city as of now.

Anyway, King won't stop playing for he's got the music in him. What's more, things are going to get worse for McGrane, noise-wise. The Sacramento-based musician says he plans to collaborate with other artists on the plaza later this year, including circle drummers, a clarinetist, a saxophonist, and a jazz guitarist.

Altered image credit:Cindy Chew/The Examiner