Remember the bedlam over at that local homo political clique last year? You know, that time when Carole Migden (D-San Francisco) "stole" the vote from Mark Leno? And then gay-on-gay hair-pulling violence erupted? Well, it looks like the vote for Carole is going to stick. Now that Rafael Mandelman has been elected president of the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, the lcoal group, according to the B.A.R., "is Carole Migden's club." And that, it seems, is that.

But all is not lost for State Assemblyman Mark Leno (who just honored Beth Spotswood with her very own proclamation, for which we are murderously envious.) Riding on the Gus Van Sant's wave, Leno is looking to turn Harvey Milk's birthday (May 22, making him an airy Gemini) into a holiday. It seems that Leno will introduce legislation that will make "Milk's birthday...a non-fiscal state holiday each year, meaning schoolchildren and state workers would not be given the day off."

The B.A.R. claims that "[d]ue to the state's $14 billion budget deficit, Leno said the bill would be crafted in a way so as not to generate additional state costs or increase the number of paid state holidays." Cool. And way to stay in the game, Mark.