The raise came about thanks to Proposition J, which we all passed in 2002. The proposition said that at $37,858, the members of the board needed a pay raise, which seems kind of fair considering how expensive this city is. When we made that kind of money, we were living in one of those two bedroom apartments with three roommates. Now they make $95,000 so we're guessing most of the members of the Board can now afford one-bedroom apartments.

But ever since then, the Board has been meeting less, from holding 46 meetings in 2002 to 39 last year. Members of the Board say that this allows them to have more time to meet with the masses and do all sorts of work that they couldn't necessarily do in those 46 days they meet. Plus, have art shows. Aaron Peskin points out that despite all the slackness, they do manage to get a lot accomplished and listed some big-ticket items that they have worked on recently. Others point out that 39 is way too much as it gives the Board plenty more chances to screw things up. As for Gavin's people, they get their digs in by pointing out that unlike the Board, they work 9 to 5 which is quite a way to make a living and they're barely getting by as it's all talking and no giving.