In the twee, crispy-haired words of Expose, "Season change/Feelings change." And with that we learn that one must accept change no matter what the cost, because it's not up to you, hearts break, or...something like that. But change our Wikipedia? Oh oh. This will certainly test our tolerance for change. And perhaps yours.

The image from Centernetworks, above, could be either a new overall format, some sort of mobile version, or just a figment of someone's imagination as the next Wikipedia we know and love. According to Allen Stern:

A friend showed me this really weird look-in on Wikipedia -- could this be the new version of Wikipedia? It's certainly not listed on the "Skin" page inside of the user preferences but it is live. I sure hope it's not as it's pretty ugly (not that the current site isn't also ugly) and has lost all of the Wikipedia branding. Perhaps it's a lighter mobile version? This is all I have for now - will continue to investigate.

For Allen's screenshot of the possibly new Wikipeida in its entirety--"a REAL screenshot," one that he made himself inside of Wikipedia, we're told--follow the jump. And brace yourselves.