At the bargain price of just $35 dollars down at City Hall this morning, authorities released the emergency 911 tapes of the San Francisco Zoo tiger attacks. The attacks, if you don't remember, occurred on Christmas Day, taking the life of Carlos Sousa Jr. and injuring the now (in)famous Dhaliwal brothers. The footage is raw, with the most unnerving robotic British female voice overlapping the frantic phone call, but to check listen to the audio, go here. According to the Gate:

The dispatch records include the original call that was made at 5:04 p.m., three full minutes before fire and police logs show anyone was sent to the emergency. The call lasts more than 19 minutes. It was made by a zoo security guard and includes radio transmissions (broadcast over zoo radio and picked up over the 911 dispatch recording of the call) from zoo official Deb Howe who asks for police and fire while downplaying the incident. But after realizing a tiger is loose, Howe says at one point: "Alan, I've got a tiger out. Code One." Alan Feinberg, another zoo official, responds in shock over the radio: "What?"

Overall, you get to hear zoo officials freaking the hell out over the crisis while coming to the sad realization that Sousa has just died. Grim stuff.