The morbidly curious, a smattering of animal enthusiasts, and, of course, the media will line up to get into the SF Zoo when it reopens to the public at 10 a.m. tomorrow. In addition to a Tatiana-free environment, zoo visitors will also notice a few other changes. For instances, new signs reminding visitors that they are "guests in the [animals]" and not to "tap on glass, throw anything into the exhibit, make excessive noise, tease or call out to them." (We can't imagine to whom they're referring.) Also, reinforced-glass will make its debut in the tiger grotto, as well as loudspeakers telling visitors to scram come closing time.

Well played, SF Zoo.

In addition to the zippy revamp, visitors coming to the zoo can "leave mementos and tributes at the main entrance to both Tatiana and Carlos Sousa Jr., the 17-year-old from San Jose killed in the mauling." But not in two separate places, we hope. That would be a crude pissing contest - seeing who receives the most memorials. Then again, the sames goes for putting the tributes together - killer and victim mementos side by side. Huh. Tomorrow should prove interesting.