Update: The murdered teen has been identified as Carlos Sousa, Jr.

As the investigation continues into Christmas Day's gruesome tiger attack at the SF Zoo, it turns out that the guy killed by Tatiana the tiger was a 17-year-old boy from San Jose. Unidentified at this point, and currently stuck with the moniker "John Doe 116," it seems that he also knew the tiger's two other victims, 19- and 23-year-old brothers from San Jose. The first attack occurred 300 yards from the second and third attacks.

According to the Gate:

Lora LaMarca, a zoo spokeswoman, said this morning that officials still have no idea how the animal escaped from its grotto, which is surrounded by a 15-foot-wide moat and a 20-foot high wall. Police on Tuesday night refused to rule out the possibility of carelessness or criminal activity, and zoo officials said the tiger did not escape through the grotto's only door.

She went on to say that if, in fact, someone released the tiger intentionally while visiting the SF Zoo, "it would be considered a crime." Yikes. An individual's fault? The Zoo's fault? God's fault? Your fault? We shall see. But for now, anyone who might have witnessed Tatiana's escape on Tuesday or the attacks is urged to call authorities at 415-553-0123.