Kenneth Ryan, Prop Master of the San Francisco Ballet has undergone and SFist interview below. As a San Francisco native he’s got all kinds of good tips about the city. As someone who has been involved with the ballet for over two decades, he’s got some very cool insights into the background of the production.

Most difficult prop you've ever had to come up with?
The one that the designer doesn’t really know what they want. Once they’ve made that decision, my crew and I can make anything.

Coolest prop in the Nutcracker?
The settee where Clara sleeps. It’s an electric wheelchair that’s been stripped down to the drive wheels and batteries. It is operated by remote control.

Favorite ballet?
Nutcracker. It has been a part of my Christmas for the last 24 years. It is the introduction to ballet for so many people. It’s seeing what I do through the eyes of a child filled with wonder and amazement. Many of the younger dancers get opportunities to dance roles that allow them to stretch their abilities. It’s a fun time of year.

How did you become a prop master?
My boss retired and I applied and was given the job.
Peter Divine, my high school director, taught me the love of theatre and it never left. No special training. It’s mostly organization skills and common sense along with a crew that can make anything you need.

Something that most people don't notice/ appreciate your art that they really should.
The magic starts at 8 o’clock in the morning and goes until 11 o’clock at night. You need to pour your heart into it to create the magic.