So, on the previous episode of "Project Runway" we lost our last local, Chris March, when he created a "shoulder pads"-inspired jacket that would have made Joan Crawford cry. We were on the fence about continuing to cover the show, as the only local left, Jack, was really just a quasi-local, as he went to Cal. But who are we kidding? If one of the designers once stopped at SFO during a flight to Hawaii, we'd be willing to call them a local, that's how much we love "Project Runway." So we went into this episode all ready to root for Jack, rah rah, team Jack! He's already won one challenge, he's the guy to beat! Plus, there are naked photos of him on the Internets! Awesome! And there he is! Pressing some kind of cloth to his face and talking about a pimple he had a few days ago.

Wait. What?