What is the dumbest thing in the world?
I am tempted to say nationalism, for the way in which it rallies people around a symbol they believe to be inextricably linked to their own identity but which belies a much darker reality and causes those who take it up to lose their independent mind and soul and give it over to the idea of a thing that, in and of itself, can only exist by oppressing the very people it purports to represent, creating monsters of us all, but I think you'll be expecting that. I'll go with Pop Tarts.

What is the dumbest thing about the Bay Area?
That it insists on calling itself the Bay Area, as if there are no other regions of the world centered around bays!

What was the most surprising thing you learned in working on this book?
Unlike what the people of Germany might say, it is remarkably hard to make light of unspeakable human suffering. Our greatest challenge was finding something to say about countries no one has ever heard of and which we are not even sure exist. I also really want to go to Iceland some day—it looks to be paradise on Earth.

What is the most fake seeming (yet real) news story you've come across?
"Bush Wins." That one got me twice.

Please create an Onion headline about SFist:
Online Alternative Magazine Has Perfect Obscure Band For You To Feign Enjoying This Weekend