We love Gridskipper's edge as of late. Take, for example, today's revealing top 8 San Francisco bars with the "crappiest crowds." Rankings 8, 7, 6, and 5 are Beauty Bar, Medjool, Swig, and R Bar, respectively.

In all fairness, you need to visit good ol' Gridie to find out just who made the top four. (Also, regarding the number-one spot, we've never visited the sorta chic spot but have heard mixed reviews. Is it really that bad, clientele-wise? Jesus. We remove ourselves from the nightlife scene for a scant four months, and our scenester knowledge is shot to hell. Sad.)

We can't think of any local establishments' crowds that deserve our scorn. On the contrary, the scenes at such venues as Michael Gouddou's Gallery Lounge and Da Da, the newly relocated Metro in the Castro, and the bar at the St. Regis have won us over tenfold. (Really, all excellent choices for drinking and chatting as far as we're concerned.) Oddly enough, we here at SFist cannot think of one particular bar crowd to bitch about. Frightening.

This is where you, dear readers, come in: any thoughts? Just where will you never step foot in again because of the scene?