Ever since that childish display of local politicking, all sides have been more or less civil and relatively respectful of one another. It goes without say how disappointed we are in both sides. Where's the name calling? Where are the sock puppeting commenters? Where's the unbridled hate? Sigh.

Anyway, our sources tell us that "[t]his is it. Migden will either get 60% of the vote to get the endorsement, or she won't and then nobody will get endorsed this go around." And if you're not attending one of the many open-bar holiday parties blessing bars and nightclubs around city, we highly recommend attending this endorsement meeting.

The Harvey Milk Club votes on endorsements for the February 2008 election and the June 2008 State Senate primary tomorrow, December 11, 7 p.m. to 9 at the Women's Building. Ladies, clip your nails; men, wear your cups. It might get dirty.

The Milk Club's (AKA the, ahem, HMLGBTDC) press release about tomorrow's meeting after the jump.