Oh la la. The reportedly very prickly Reese Witherspoon and rubenesque Vince Vaughn -- whatever, we'd hit it. Hit it hard -- are in town filming their new divorce-themed romcom, Four Christmases. (According to IMBD, it's about a "couple struggle to visit all four of their divorced parents on Christmas Day." If you're not in tears already, then clearly you have no soul.) And here they are at a....downtown locale of some sort? We can't wait for the film to open next year at this time. Or not. Anyway: laughter, tears.

Oh, and as always, if you spot any of the two highly paid thespians around town -- i.e., staged moments of Witherspoon fronting that she's dating Jake Gyllenhaal, etc. -- let us know.

For more images of their Hollywood magicking in San Francisco this week, go here.

Image credit: Flynet